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December 06, 2019

Where have all the millennials gone?

Kristen Fine – Assistant Account Executive

Millennials are currently the largest segment in the workplace making their entrance into the professional world in 2000. They have been in the spotlight for quite some time and seem to be the most studied generation in history.

As they have grown older, millennials have seen unemployment at all-time highs and have lived through a period of economic instability. They saw and felt the recession and feel the pressure of student loan debt therefore driving them to seek higher paying jobs and careers that provide the financial stability they need.

As a result, many are driven individuals with a desire to work among their friends and help their communities. They are easily the first generation that experienced life without social media or internet and have now become masters of it.

Millennials value career fields and experiences that enhance their opportunities to grow and help them climb the leadership ladder. They are soon to be rubbing shoulders with fellow leaders and making a seat at the table garnering decision making positions.

Industries such as aerospace and cyber security are not able to backfill their workforce pipeline creating more job opportunities. Millennials bring more to the table than most with their ability to perform high-volume tasks and operate technology swiftly. We are seeing some of the highest demand for skilled aviation jobs and the need for loyal employees that value growth and stability all in which aerospace provides.

Companies need to stop throwing money and resources at basic human resource efforts, millennials need to feel valued and managed differently from generation X and baby boomers. These are the following things that companies need to know when hiring millennials:

1. They value a stable career
2. A positive work life balance is important
3. Millennials need opportunities to grow and learn new skills
4. Making a difference in the world and their community is of value to them


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