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June 02, 2020

Podcasts can be a great tool for Millennials to grow in a company

Jamee Barwick – Account Coordinator

The digital age has taken over the work industry, especially for Millennials. Communication is often what drives the company to achieve success. Millennials value the use of technology and how employees effectively use it.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular among this generation. With a wide genre selection such as motivation, comedy, entertainment and news, companies are hopping on the trend to inform their employees and use it as a training tool. A statistic showcased that training is the most valued aspect from a survey of 1,500 millennials by Qualtrics and Accel Partners.

Podcasts also allow companies to spotlight their company culture which is a great teambuilding tool. They can enhance your company’s media presence and can act as a personal message to your employees.

Key features:
● The ability to listen to a podcast anywhere makes it very accessible by providing more ways for employees to develop new skills.

● Podcasts allow you to pause, rewind and repeat. This lets a person go at their own pace and take detailed notes. Personally, I like to pause after something stood out to me and listen again to make sure I can apply what is being taught to my personal and professional life.

● Podcasts can be played on almost every device such as a phone, laptop, Kindle, desktop and more. This can give back time in your day while still becoming knowledgeable about what you’re listening to. Incorporating this tool into your daily routine such as listening to a podcast on your way to work, a morning or evening walk, working out and during downtime in the office can help you move up in your career.

● A company can make its podcast public, private or live. Making a public podcast can promote your brand allowing other career-seeking millennials to hear what your company is all about. A private podcast creates the ability to record essential information related to a particular job, set of skills or freely speak creating respected advice. Livestream podcasts can open the flow of new ideas and insight from other employees that could be working from anywhere.

Great podcasts that can expand your business knowledge and enhance your creative outlook include, Rachel Hollis, RISE, John Barrows, Make It Happen Mondays and Sean Castrina’s, The 10-minute Entrepreneur.


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