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April 01, 2020

Tips For Working From Home

Beverly Hedges – Vice President

During a time when the world is practicing safe social distancing, much of the world is now working remotely to stop the spread of COVID-19. As we shift to remote work, it is important to protect productivity and help your team survive and thrive. Much of our workday has changed including meetings, distractions, connection, motivation and feedback. Work-life balance, stressors and more may cause concerns for employees throughout the day so now is the time to ensure your company is focusing on its mission, values, objectives, expectations, communication and accountability.

Here are a few tips for maintaining productivity while shifting to remote work:
• Hold meetings online via Zoom or other video-conferencing services that allow you to connect “in person” virtually. Use the gallery view while hosting video meetings so everyone can see each other.
• Create a list of your top priorities to accomplish each day.
• Designate a work-only space.
• Mimic an office environment by setting up work-related items on your kitchen table. Avoid working from your La-Z-Boy!
• Don’t forget to take 15-minute brain breaks. Do some stretching, play with your children or pets or take a walk around the block.
• Only hold necessary meetings in person.
• Celebrate wins by sending email shoutouts for coworkers/employees who go above and beyond while working from home.
• Watch your language, tone and sarcasm while emailing, texting or talking on the phone as coworkers cannot see your facial expressions.
• Act like you are going to work  – get dressed instead of sitting in your pajamas.


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