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August 08, 2018

Must-Have Apps For Busy Moms (and Dads)

Taylor Ketchum – Director | Consumer and Digital Marketing

As a mom of two and a full-time PR/social media professional, I am on my phone a lot. Whether it is checking my email before I get ready for work, to snapping a few photos of my newborn baby doing something new, to posting a Boomerang for a client, I use my phone to get through my day.

With this, I thought I’d share 4 apps that I turn to most. These go beyond my social media channels, but are ones that help me to do my job or help keep a toddler quiet when I am trying to down a slice of pizza :)


  1. SnapSeed: Throughout the years I have tried numerous photo editing tools and finally I have one that is easy to use and really helps you edit your photos quickly. Not only does it come with a large number of tools (including presets and filters), but also built in the system are tutorial/lessons on how to edits your photos to get to a “certain look” – App is FREE.
  2. GoNoodle: If your kid likes technology, but you are concerned that they are just sitting there watching video after video without activity, I suggest GoNoodle. It has multiple dashboard options that provide videos for your kiddos to watch, but each video encourages them to get up and move. Whether it is doing Yoga, Simon-Says type games or dancing, it provides instruction in a fun way, that the kids burn off some of that energy and you can possibly get a load of laundry finally put away :) – App is FREE.
  3. Teladoc: If you are a parent, I recommend Teladoc. I thankfully work for a company that covers the “doctors visit” 100%. Which would be $40 a call/video conference. But if you are a parent and know that your child has an ear infection, sinus infection, diaper rash, etc -- Teladoc is perfect. Not only does it keep your medical history on file, it will share all the information about your visits with your family doctor. This has been nice for my husband who needed an inhaler refill and when I needed an antibiotic refill, I was able to call in. You actually speak with a doctor, can share photos and they have the consultation with you very quickly. This does not eliminate the need for a family doctor, but if you know what is wrong and basically need a prescription refill, Teladoc makes it easy, especially since it is 24/7. I somehow always need it on the weekends, so makes life easier. Plus can help reduce time out of the office for doctor’s appointments and calls to the pharmacy.
  • App is FREE, consultation costs (I check with your insurance provider, might be covered just the same as a traditional urgent care visit)


Honorable Mentions:

1. Layout: Got more than 1 photo and want to post it as one? Use Layout to create a collage instantly that can be shared directly to social media or saved to your photos library. App can be used as a stand-alone app, but it also integrated into Instagram.

2. MeetLibby: If you are one who loves to listen to Audiobooks, you need to install MeetLibby. This allows you to connect your local library card to an app and reserve and listen to audiobooks they have available (FREE). This is also something that be great for those who have long work commutes. I at any given time have a few leadership-based books and a few “fun” books, ready to go for those work trips or days when you are stuck in traffic and want something different then the radio.

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