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March 27, 2020

How to attract younger employees to the aerospace industry

Carolyn Taylor – Account Coordinator

Millennials, individuals born between 1980 and 1994, have well made their way into the workforce with Gen Z not too far behind them. So, why is it so hard to backfill the aerospace industry pipeline? Because top talent that the industry needs to help businesses to continue to grow is considering other industries as their first career choice over aerospace.

Although still important, solutions like the “spray-and-pray” approach, job fairs and newspaper ads are no longer the sole answer. Millennials grew up in a digital-heavy age and with Gen Z, it’s all they know, so it’s time to meet them where they’re at.

Here are four key ways aerospace companies can attract younger employees.

Digital Marketing
As previously mentioned, it’s time to meet Millennials and Gen Z where they’re at — and that’s online. A great way to reach your target audience is to launch digital ads on Facebook and other online websites. This tactic helps cut recruitment costs in half by going digital and allows for a direct, clickable link to a company’s website or job application.

Did you know more than 37 million Millennials are on LinkedIn? This platform professionally enables recruiters to find potential candidates through targeted searches and is a growing top tool to identify potential employees who are currently working or job hunting in industries like aerospace or oil and gas.

When you look at your company’s brand, does it lean more towards historic or futuristic? Although it’s a great asset to have a foundational beginning, Millennials and Gen Z want to be able to see themselves working alongside your current employees and business partners, and that includes staying up to date in today’s digital age to show them that they can build a future with your company.

Additionally, you can’t go wrong with creating a fun work environment. Including space in the office for a ping-pong table, basketball hoop or a place to hang out and relax during the workday will build a Millennial’s desire to work for you. If that’s too far for your office, consider frequent team outings, optional paid volunteer days or monthly happy hours.

Future generations of employees are responsive to companies who value work-life balance and opportunities to grow quickly, so keep that in mind when you’re evaluating what other changes you need to make in order to attract younger employees to your business.


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