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December 15, 2021

Productivity hacks you need in your life

Jeanine Bertou – Account Coordinator

Like most professionals, you likely have way too many tasks stacking up on your to-do list with no time to finish any of them. Whether it’s random tasks in the middle of the day, multiple meetings in a week or personal appointments that distract you from getting your work done, try incorporating these hacks into your daily routine and see how your productivity can skyrocket almost immediately.

Pause your email inbox or turn off your phone

Minimize distractions and this will help you focus on the task at hand.

Work ahead

This is probably an obvious one, but when you work on next-day tasks, your stress levels are lower and you avoid procrastinating. Set your priorities for the following day before you leave work so you can hit the ground running the next day.

Take breaks

When it comes to focusing for long periods of time, taking a break or two is crucial.

Commit to starting the least enjoyable tasks first

Procrastination happens because we do not want to associate with the negative feeling we get from doing a specific task, so getting it done faster means no more undesirable feelings.

Change your scenery

To be more creative, we need to stimulate our minds. Go somewhere other than your everyday desk and be inspired by all the new perspectives that will help you focus better on your assignments.

Focus on one task at a time

Believe it or not, you are more productive when you work on one assignment at a time. Block time on your calendar for focus time, this helps with any distractions you might come across while working.

Listen to music

Experiment with different genres of music to see which one helps you concentrate better. Most people tend to be more productive when there’s music playing in the background.

Our lives will continue to be filled with distractions and a busy schedule, but we can make our lives less stressful by incorporating these tips to help us live a healthier and more productive life.


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