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November 13, 2020

Finding Peace During The Chaos

Taylor Ketchum – Vice President

As a working parent, the idea of finding peace is almost laughable. Thankfully, my boss and co-workers have gotten used to hearing dogs barking or kids screaming during a Zoom meeting, but as a Mom and as a leader, it is extremely difficult.

All of this chaos, for people like me, who like to have a plan in place, causes my anxiety to skyrocket.

No matter the age of your children, whether they’re in grade school or in college, working parents are experiencing stress. On top of heading into the holiday season, parents are going on eight months of the pandemic, virtual learning and missing out on normal activities such as date nights, family gatherings and traditional holidays.

Here are 5 ways to find moments of peace:

1. Turn off the news and open a physical book before bed.

2. Sit down at the dinner table as a family.

3. Teach your kids (and yourself) mindful breathing techniques — when you’re overwhelmed, take three deep breaths and try again.

4. Listen to a funny podcast or a favorite book in audiobook style.

5. Stop and get yourself some SONIC on your drive home (I suggest a Frozen Cherry Limeade).

Original article can be found on The Oklahoma 100.


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