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May 13, 2020

Attracting young talent to the growing cybersecurity industry

Carolyn Taylor – Account Coordinator

The global cybersecurity market is booming, and according to the Cybersecurity Industry Overview report by Prime Indexes, is on track to surpass $133 billion in 2022. With the new millennium came great uncertainty with cyberspace and thus, more cyberattacks. As we have grown into the digital age throughout the past two decades, the world of cyberspace only continues to grow larger each day — so how can we be sure we’re prepared?

Cyberattacks increasingly threaten businesses and individuals receive each year, so it’s important cybersecurity professionals are effectively creating programs and structures that combat internet hackers, and more importantly, the cybersecurity industry needs the professionals to do it.

Younger generations (we’re talking to you, Millennials and Gen Zers), have made their mark in the workforce but are failing to enter into the cybersecurity industry. So how can we change our marketing efforts in order to reach those younger generations and educate them about the well-paying cyber jobs?

The “spray-and-pray” approach, job fairs and newspaper ads are no longer the way to attract job applicants. Millennials grew up in a digital-heavy age and with Gen Z, it’s all they know, so it’s time to meet them where they’re at.

Here are four key ways cybersecurity companies can attract younger employees.

Boost you digital marketing efforts
U.S. Millennials were reported to spend 211 minutes accessing apps or the internet via smartphone per day, compared to only 31 minutes of daily desktop internet usage, according to Statista.com, and we all know Gen Z will exceeds that amount. So, let’s meet these generations where they’re at — online! A great way to reach your target audience is to launch digital ads on Facebook and other online websites. This tactic helps cut recruitment costs in half by going digital and allows for a direct, clickable link to a company’s website or job application.

Get on LinkedIn
More than 87 million Millennials are on LinkedIn and Gen Z is expected to exceed them in this capacity, too. This platform professionally enables recruiters to find potential candidates through targeted searches and is a growing top tool to identify potential employees who are currently working or job hunting in industries like cybersecurity.

Revamp your brand
What better time to revisit your brand than when trying to attract top talent? When Millennials and Gen Z perform a job search and visit your website, they want to ensure they can see themselves working alongside your current employees and their values align with yours. This means staying at the forefront of the digital age and showing them they can build a future with your company.

Foster a good, fun company culture
Nothing makes another Millennial or Gen Zer jealous than seeing their friends have fun at work while they’re stuck inside a cubicle typing away all day long. Invest time and effort into creating a culture that allows your employees to have fun, relax and take valueable brain breaks while on the job. This may include frequently gathering around the kitchen for a fun happy hour once a month, placing a ping-pong table in the back of the office or simply creating a relaxing place where employees can hang out with one another and connect on a deeper level.

Future generations of employees are responsive to companies who value work-life balance and opportunities to grow quickly, so keep that in mind when you’re evaluating what other changes you need to make in order to attract younger employees to your business.


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