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November 04, 2020

Are there holes in your communication strategy?

Colton Basks – Account Coordinator

An effective communication strategy can set a firm foundation for your business. When implemented successfully, but failure to do so may cause losses you can’t afford. As a PR professional I have the opportunity to develop strategies for organizations across multiple industries and professions. During my career, I have found that there are a few common mistakes that organizations may not even realize they’re making.

Miss your target audience. Did you know that the group that will make decisions on what to buy is not always the same group that will make the purchase? For example, in a typical family, it is often the teens that influence their parents on what products are the best, trendiest or the season’s must- haves. Once convinced, it is the parents who will ultimately make the purchase. Keeping this in mind, organizations must tailor their messages so they will successfully appeal to multiple audiences for different reasons.

Neglect to clearly define goals and objectives.While enthusiasm is great, being overly enthusiastic often causes organizations to miss this crucial step. In my work, when we begin work with a new client, we like to open up the conversation by asking them what their pain points are and what they hope to get out of our services. This will help create a map of where to start and what direction we need to go to meet our goals.

Blend in with your competitors. Consumers make decisions on what to spend their money on based on difference. Maybe that’s a difference in price, quality or service, but a difference nonetheless. Its critical to any good communication plan that It clearly conveys to the target audience how you’re different from competitors.

As mentioned earlier, a well-rounded communication strategy is critical to the long-term success of any organization. However, PR, marketing and advertising plans can often have holes in them without the businesses even being aware. The three mentioned above are sometimes the most difficult to recognize and can potentially have the most harmful impact on the success of any organization. By taking the time to develop an in-depth marketing plan, you’ll set your organization up for success.


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