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October 05, 2020

5 Ways to Modernize Your Marketing Strategy

Andrew Aston – Account Coordinator

Is your marketing approach a bit stale? Are you looking for new ways to boost your numbers and generate greater return on your investments? It may be time for a fresh approach to your marketing. Below are five steps you can take to give new life to your brand and start generating the attention your business needs.

Revamp your website
When it comes to showing your business off, it’s imperative to put your best foot forward. Many times, the first and most meaningful interaction potential clients will have with your business is through your website. Make sure your website is responsive and looks good on all devices – including smartphones and tablets. Use up-to-date images that display your facilities in the best light. In addition, most people never scroll past the top few results on an internet search, so make sure your website follows search engine optimization (SEO) best practices so you consistently rank at the top of relevant searches. Finally, make sure your website is user-friendly, even for less tech-savvy viewers.

Use video
Video is becoming an increasingly essential and ubiquitous form of content marketing. Research shows that more than 90 percent of consumers say video marketing helps them make purchasing decisions. Video can be used in numerous ways, from guided tours to client testimonials and more. Video is also useful on numerous platforms, whether it be your website, Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels.

Start a blog
Consistent blogging will help your brand in numerous ways. First, it will establish you as a subject matter expert in your field of expertise. Second, it will boost your website content up the competitive SEO ranks. Third, it can establish loyalty from your readers, who will be more inclined to use or retain your services further down the road.

Maintain a social media presence
Social media is one of the best ways to form a connection with a potential client. Many people spend an average of nearly two hours or more on social media daily. Social media presents numerous opportunities to tell your story and interact with potential clients on a more personal level. It’s also a great place to share video and blog content that will boost your SEO.

Manage your online reputation
Online reviews are a big part of how people select the products and services that are right for them. When it comes to making a significant decision and investment, you can be sure that your potential clients will be doing their research. Be aware of reviews and star ratings you are receiving on other websites such as Google, and respond to all of them (especially the negative ones). This is another way for you to form a connection with potential clients, and it shows them that they are being heard and that you are proactive about engaging with their questions and concerns. A thoughtful response to a negative review is also an opportunity to change perceptions and narratives while increasing client satisfaction.


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