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March 07, 2018


Beverly Hedges – Vice President

Several of us at Jones PR decided to do the Redbud Classic 5k Run this year and have created the Jones PR team. This will be the start of a 5K series to improve our overall health and to get our team moving.

The training began. 

After a few years of lackluster gym workouts for a few days a week on the elliptical, it was time to move the workouts outside. Enjoying the new walk/bike trail at Lake Arcadia seemed to be a good start. The first day was about 2.5 miles. The second day, my mind was racing with “stuff,” so what better choice than to walk the entire 6.5 miles of the track? After I hit the 5-mile marker, the pride in me began to swell. My time was good, I was holding my head high and my shoulders back with a comfortable stride.

I heard a jogger coming up behind me, so I politely moved left so they could pass on the right. A very encouraging female jogger around 65 years of age came by with a swift pace, water bottle strapped to her back. She said, “Keep it up, you’re almost there!” Though encouraged, I suddenly realized I must not appear as confident as I thought. Seeing her stride reminded me that as a 55-year-old woman, there is a lot of “get moving” to look forward to.

This is only the beginning and I must get one of those water bottles.



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