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December 03, 2018

Three Smart Tips for 2019


Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is a month away.  For many executives, December can “feel” busy with holiday parties and running down a few last minutes end-of-the-year deals, but the office tempo can be decidedly slower.  This is a perfect time to evaluate your 2018 goals and make new goals for 2019.

For some of our clients, we are already working on new social media campaign plans, developing new digital ad strategies, and creating earned media ideas for the new year.  Be deliberate and make plans for a successful 2019 and know that the Jones PR team is always here to assist and guide you.

Three tips for kicking off a strong 2019:
• Research your customers/clients through focus groups, surveys and other forms of opinion research so you know what they really think.
o Do you really know what your customers/clients think of you?  Are they aware of all your service offerings?  Is it a “sticky” partnership relationship or purely a transactional one?
o Every time we have performed research for a client, we have been able to uncover important sentiments that otherwise would have been missed.  Moreover, our client’s clients appreciate that they are investing in the relationship and trying to deliver superior service.

• Review your crisis communications plans and procedures before you need them.
o We are currently conducting crisis communication audits and training for both a private school and a nonprofit.  Both organizations have different needs and concerns, but both see that the investment in having Jones PR work with them now pales to the damage that could occur.
o For more intensive crisis training, Jones PR is the only Oklahoma agency with a crisis simulator that trains a company on responding effectively to an unknown crisis in real time.

• Build a community engagement/outreach plan that is strategic and deliberate.
o Chances are you (and employees) are a member of civic clubs and sit on non-profit boards.  Are they correlated to your business goals?  You support non-profit events each year.  Are they aligned with business objectives or purely ad hoc?  Business should give back to their community, but there is nothing wrong with being smart and strategic.  All the research shows that company culture improves when employees understand and have buy-in on how their company impacts their community.  
o An audit of your community outreach and its alignment with your company’s 2019 goals is always a benefit, and sometimes enlightening, exercise that Jones PR can conduct for your company.


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