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October 30, 2018

The PR Graduate Bucket List

Carolyn Taylor – Account Coordinator

Get an internship or two
Experience, experience, experience. The classroom can teach you a lot, but not everything. The skills you can acquire during your internships will help set yourself apart from your peers when applying to real, big-kid jobs in the future. Build up your resume and start applying to summer internships by the time you’re a sophomore to ensure you have at least two summers available to work.

Take a class you never thought you would
Interested in photography? Piano? Volcanoes and earthquakes? Some university degree programs allow for you to take free, any-level course electives — so take advantage of this! Even if it may not be completely beneficial in the workplace, it will definitely make for an interesting, fun conversation with your coworkers. Who knows? Maybe becoming a volcano-searching travel blogger is in your future…

Get involved on campus
Another great way to get experience is to serve on an executive board for different organizations on campus. Apply to create graphics and T-shirts, run the social media or be the event coordinator. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you to take the reigns!

Tour different agencies
If the opportunity presents itself, go on the New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles trips with your college. This will open your eyes to what the business world really has to offer and can broaden your curiosity when you go looking for that dream job.

Make friends, but most importantly, make connections
Connections can sometimes be difficult to make in the professional field, so do the hard stuff while it’s still easy! Stay in touch with the people you see every day in class and take note of the ones who always go the extra mile on assignments.

Study abroad
Still stuck on which classes to take to complete your degree? Ask your adviser what programs your college has for studying abroad, and don’t forget about the opportunities that may be found within your minor. Time to step out of your comfort zone and explore!


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