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November 26, 2019

Staying ahead of another #FacebookDown

Nicona Lane – Digital Media Manager

In 2018, Facebook and Instagram crashed right before Black Friday. #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown became trending topics on Twitter and caused panic for today’s social media obsessed world. For digital advertisers and marketers, this created unexpected hurdles and delays for advertisement campaigns as marketers were unable to create and edit campaigns through Ads Manager or the Ads API tools.

In the busiest shopping and advertising season of the year, this was a worst-case scenario. Businesses have already begun advertising for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the rest of the month and will continue running digital campaigns throughout December. Which means approval time for digital advertisements will most list likely take longer. You’ve probably already witnessed slower times, but if another #FacebookDown were to happen, campaign creation will not even be an option.

Whether you’re advertising for a product, a follow campaign, an event, etc., you do not want to find yourself in a bind because something didn’t get approved or launched. Should another #FacebookDown occur, these steps will help you stay prepared ahead of the advertising chaos this is about to happen.

1. Create a social media content calendar 
This will help you stay organized and on track for consistent posting.

2. Schedule posts on the platform ahead of time 
Allow yourself time to sit down and get post scheduled. Whether you use a tool or do it manually, take the time and get it done.

3. Set up campaigns as soon as possible
This is critical to staying ahead of a potential system failure and crash. Last year, preexisting campaigns were running amidst the crash. If you plan your campaigns and budgets, then set them up to avoid running into this issue.

Hopefully, Facebook has taken the precautions needed to avoid another crash. However, this year is also heavily impacted by political campaigns as well. So, there are multiple factors influencing the possibility of another #FacebookDown. Be proactive and take these steps to help your business’ digital efforts be unphased by a crash.


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