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March 31, 2020

Preparing for the cure

Carolyn Taylor – Account Coordinator

Jones PR takes the gravity of COVID-19 seriously and are supporting our clients in every capacity to ensure their health and safety continues to stay at the forefront of our focus, including the days when we get out of this rut (and our homes). While we are writing statements, social media posts, press releases and helping our clients adjust to a quarantined life, we are also looking ahead and preparing for the future as we know brighter days are on the horizon.

Just yesterday, the Jones PR team took some time for an in-depth brainstorm session on how we can continue to best support our clients, both now and in the days when things begin to look up. How can we help them bounce back? How will our clients communicate to the public and their employees that they have re-opened or gone back to regular operating hours?

Here is what’s in the plans for Jones PR and our clients:

Check in with your client
Even after things have settled down, it’s important to stay in constant communication with your client. We advise touching base once every two days with a simple email to either check in, offer a tip, share an article, etc. Continuously think of ways the organization can proactively address the crisis or plan for after and share your expert thoughts with the client.

Schedule a debrief
How did the organization handle COVID-19, from its early beginnings to post-crisis? Which opportunities were presented to them and how did they react? Break out the crisis communication plan and see which areas could be improved and how you can help them respond in the future.

Update the crisis communications plan
Once you have finished reviewing the plan, update it and save it to your files (make sure your client gets a copy printed and email to them too). This will come in handy when a crisis strikes again, because crises will strike again. PR pros know the best way to handle a crisis is to be proactive and it is our job to ensure our clients feel supported every step of the way.

Discuss what this means for their industry
This is the first time in history that employees around the globe are being forced to work from home – so how will this impact business operations post-crisis? Managers are learning that they may not even need office space if employees are able to complete tasks (or their entire job) from home and we’ll most likely see an influx in remote-working businesses. This is a great conversation to stay ahead of the game on, especially if you foresee it will have an impact on your clients.

Focus on community relations
We are getting a firsthand look at how communities, neighborhoods, businesses and partners are supporting one another in this time of need. How can your client be supportive and be present during the time of recovery? Schedule a meeting to identify nonprofits or initiatives to get involved in and lend a helping hand to boost the entire community of feel-good attitudes.

Invite clients to de-brief together
Jones PR recommends planning two meetings, one for your current clients and one focused on new business. This is a great way to get all of your client representatives in one room to share ideas, listen to their discussions about their actions and facilitate conversations about the lessons learned throughout the pandemic. This way, Jones PR is aware of what our client’s needs are and can provide customized insight and services.

The new business meeting will allow you to engage with the community around you and develop working relationships with them. This opportunity will allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in crisis management and pitch services that would provide value to organizations. Be sure to have everyone sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before beginning.


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