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June 27, 2018

Oklahoma Primary Elections Recap


Day after the Oklahoma primary elections with multiple run-off races set for late August. Some notes:

1. From a quick review, looks like SQ 788, the medical marijuana question was a motivator to get voter turnout above 2014 and 2016 levels - will that continue for the run-off election?

2. At least 6 incumbent lawmakers lost and 10 are in run-off elections - is there a larger wave coming in November? Or, are these intra-party and local issues surrounding each candidate? There is not one common thread between these incumbents in terms of stances.

3. Practically all statewide races are in run-off elections. In Oklahoma, the #2 finisher in the primary has proven to be strong in run-off races, will this trend continue?  #elections #runoff


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