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March 28, 2018

How to love your commute

Carolyn Taylor – Account Coordinator

When the commute to the office is longer than a quick 15 minutes, the morning can seem longer and the drive home can drag out your day. That is, if you allow yourself to have that kind of outlook.

Instead of hating it, follow these tips to learn how to appreciate your commute and not let it interfere with your attitude at work.

1. Create the best playlist
A jam a day helps keep the stress away, and you can’t go wrong with having The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat…

2. Take a new route
Keep things interesting! If time allows, turn left instead of right and see what other ways you can arrive at the office. Remember: you’re never lost; you’re just on an adventure.

3. Turn off the radio
Give yourself time to think about your day. Silencing the car will allow you plan out your day and jot down a few things on your mental to-do list.

4. Phone a friend or relative
Okay, so no one really wants to hear the phone ring at 6 a.m., but catching up with loved ones on your way home from work is a good way to reconnect. Remember to use a hands-free device!

5. Let your mind wander
When you’re sitting in a traffic jam, it’s so tempting to grab your phone to start checking emails and other messages. Instead, unplug and get a head start on that brainstorm meeting you have later this afternoon, or let yourself daydream about the delicious apple pie waiting at home for you in your fridge.

6. Listen to an audiobook
Rumor has it you can probably read a book per week just by listening to it in your car on your way to and from work. How great is that? 


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