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July 26, 2019

Finding your niche?

Kristen Fine – Assistant Account Executive

Entering the workforce can be very intimidating especially for the average 20-year-old who still has ramen for dinner and binge watches Netflix. You more than likely balanced through a few different jobs while in college still trying to grasp what career you wanted to pursue. Coming from someone who balanced between different jobs and still eats ramen for dinner, I can say those opportunities have helped me in my professional career.

When I was in college, I noticed I had a bit of a knack for InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere. So, in my free time, I interned at a local non-profit called Hope Chest OKC where I got to craft newsletters, take photos and create social media graphics. This helped me take what I was learning in the classroom one step further.

While taking more creative classes, I noticed I enjoyed taking photos. During my second internship with a local public relations firm, I asked my director if I could start taking photos at some of the client events. This was a great experience for me to harness my knowledge of different DSLR’s and video cameras.

During my time in college, I held a full-time job at a local clothing boutique where I served on the creative team and as an assistant manager. This experience has rewarded me tremendously when it comes to client relations, meeting deadlines and understanding client needs which is comparable to customer service.

Still, to this day, these experiences and learning opportunities have shaped me into the young professional I am. I am able to step in when needed to take photos, design social media graphics, edit a timely video or accomplish a client task.

I truly believe no experience was for nothing. The jobs and roles we held early on still come back to reward us in either the tiniest or biggest ways possible. Whether you are working in retail or as a server there is always something to take away. All we have to do is take time to reflect on those lessons and how we can utilize that knowledge going forward.


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