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January 03, 2020

Competing with the man in the mirror in 2020

Carolyn Taylor – Account Coordinator

You have your list of competitors and which firms you’re going up against in next week’s presentation to win that dream client. You ask yourself, “What do they have that we don’t have? How can we position ourselves as the right fit?”

Rather than worry about those answers, focus on shifting your perspective.

A few weeks ago, I watched a YouTube video of Simon Sinek giving a speech about how to be an infinite player in the game of business. He addressed how everyone wants to be number one, but by what standards? Revenue? Number of employees? Number of clients? This is where problems emerge because no one agrees to the same set of rules.

If you focus your efforts on where you fall on the thousands of national and global rankings, you will always lose.

The goal isn’t to be the best every day, nor is it to outperform your competition every day. Instead, it’s time to ask yourself and your team the questions, “How can we be a better company today than we were yesterday?” “What product or service can we create or provide this year that is better than the ones we created last year?”

You are your own competition. In the words of Simon Sinek, “Joy does not come from comparison, rather it comes from self-advancement.” If you spend too much time worrying about your competitor’s growth, resources and connections, you will lose the game every time.

In 2020, celebrate every win. This will include learning from mistakes, dedicating time to helping those around you and growing your skillset to enhance your business from every angle. Remember, it’s always better to leave a place better than you found it, and that includes your company.

Pro tip: Though I wrote this with a business mindset, it also helps to use these tips in your personal life. As mental health continues to be a more acceptable to talk about publicly, it’s important that you look at yourself with a new pair of eyes each morning and do your best to be a better version of the person you were yesterday.


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