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November 27, 2019

3 reasons we are thankful for our clients

Daniel Seitz – Account Executive of Public Affairs

It’s that time of year again. The time where we will soon gather around the table with family and express what we have been thankful for during the course of the past eleven months. The list will probably begin with a few classic favorites including: each other, our health, our jobs and having a roof over our heads. Here at Jones PR, we are thankful for you, our clients (and not just because of your money). Here are three reasons we are thankful for each and every one of you:

1. Extraordinary Opportunities
In the PR world we often take for granted the many amazing events we get to work on. From celebrities to world leaders, CEOs to genius entrepreneurs, we get the chance to converse and create with some of the most interesting people our country and the world have to offer. Without you, those opportunities wouldn’t exist. You have introduced us to individuals who have expanded our professional resumes and our way of thinking. Thank you.

2. Challenging Scenarios
There are many days working in the PR field where we feel the strain of repetitive work.  Every word on our computer screens begins to look the same, our creativity has dried up and we don’t know where to look for inspiration. Then, without fail, you come up with a new task that challenges us. It forces us to flex intellectual muscles that we didn’t know we had and to think outside of the box that we have created for ourselves. Through these challenges, you allow us to create and imagine. Thank you.

3. Meaningful Friendships
Jones PR knows that not every client fits into the same cookie cutter shape. All of our clients have specific needs and interesting backgrounds and traditions. We don’t take any of that for granted and we like to get to know you on a personal level so we can be better prepared to serve you when a new project comes up. We think of you not only as clients, but also as friends, and that inspires us to push even harder for excellence in the work that we do. You have welcomed us into your corporate families with open arms. Thank you.

Traditionally, the holiday season is the time when we show our thanks for the people and things that have influenced our lives the most throughout the past year, and after the new year we slowly slip back into the routine of normal life. We at Jones PR want you to know that we are thankful for you yesterday, today and tomorrow. For the rest of this year and the years to come, we will be here to help you Be Heard Anywhere. Happy Thanksgiving.


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