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Valentine's Day: Swoon-Worthy Content Marketing


February 10, 2017

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the first major consumer holiday of the year making for a great opportunity for any business to share the love and capitalize on romance-driven content marketing.

It’s plain and simple – the U.S. economy loves Valentine’s Day. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Valentine’s spending topped $19.7 billion (yes – billion with a b) with the average consumer spending $146.84 in 2016.

Who to Catch in Cupid’s Crosshairs:
Those most likely to read Valentine’s related content are women (77 percent), generation X (44 percent) and millennials (41 percent). Additionally, consumers are 81x more likely to search Valentine’s Day gifts making social media promotion, Google Ad words and SEO extremely important through late December to February.

Who Does it Best:

Personalization isn’t always simple for every company, but with some creativity and a close eye on budget and execution, the payoff can be huge.

Consumers Love Personalization

We all know Necco Sweetheart candies have long served as the classic old-school treat of Valentine’s Day with personalized sayings. But consumers started to want more and M&Ms rose to the occasion.

Now you can get custom quotes, clipart or even your sweetheart’s face printed on the delicious bite-sized chocolate candies. Personalized content can produce excellent audience follow through. Examples of personalization campaigns can include personalized products, web pages, and shopping features.

Make a Love Connection
Recipe brands like Pillsbury have a more obvious tie to Valentine’s Day and are extremely successful with content creation relating to the holiday. They keep their Valentine’s Day splash page or “welcome screen” constantly updated and useful.

Though your company may not necessarily be a food or recipe-related brand, get creative and make a connection to the infectious holiday of love. For example, if you work for a health or medicine type of brand, publish content about healthy cookie recipes or heart healthy diets. If you’re a clothing or fashion brand, publish fun content about “restaurant/food outfit pairings” or “the perfect outfit for your romantic Valentine’s night out.”

With 200,000 Google searches for Valentine’s Day content in January, there is no reason not to create inexpensive online content. 

Adapt and Simply Make Valentine’s Day Your Topic
Simply join the conversation. Overstock.com produced a “Facts of Love” infographic detailing the origins of the holiday, how many pounds of candy hearts are produced each year, etc. The History Channel also created more of an interactive version.

Produce and adapt content to your brand and the holiday. Toothpaste brands can write about whitening your teeth in time for your Valentine’s date or automotive companies can tell stories about famous cars featured in romantic movies or beloved tales.

Holidays are evergreen and content can be recycled. Once again, it’s never a bad idea to have a relevant and current topic relating to Valentine’s Day to give your brand an opportunity to gain the attention of your audience.

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