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Thunder Winning in the Playoffs is a Better Story


April 13, 2017 – Joshua Harlow, Senior Vice President

That’s right, I made the bold prediction. The OKC Thunder are going to shock the NBA world and win in the 1st round of the upcoming playoffs. When I moved to OKC, I was relieved to have a big-league sports team like the Thunder. Throughout my childhood, I have fond memories (and lots and lots of heartbreak) being a huge Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs fan. Oklahoma City loves the Thunder, and while our city is still reeling from losing KD, his departure further strengthened the bond between the NBA team and this city's loyal, full-hearted fans.

Here are five reasons why the OKC Thunder winning the playoff series is a better storyline than their opponent (I won’t mention their name):

1. Hist0ry

Do I need to say anything else? Russell Westbrook has had the best single season of anyone in NBA hist0ry.

2. Drama

By all accounts, James Harden and Russell Westbrook are the leading contenders for the MVP, doesn’t it make more sense for Westbrook who has had a history season to conquer his main rival for the award in the playoffs?

3. An Epic Match-Up

An OKC win would make them one step closer to a match-up with Golden State and KD, this would be an epic playoff series

4. Extreme OKC Loyalty

OKC loves their Thunder. Not to rain on our opponents parade hopes, but “The Peake” is one of the loudest arenas in the world. It sets-up a better setting than our opponent.

5. Revenge

This proves all the national NBA pundits wrong by showing we don’t need KD to win in OKC.

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