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Running a marathon within your work


February 27, 2018 – Kristen Giroux, Assistant Account Executive

Whether you’re a runner or simply trying to become one, training is a must. I apply this to our careers-we are encouraged to “train” outside of the office to continue to grow within our daily jobs.

Before you go for a run you stretch your body, have a light snack and put on your running shoes. This is equivalent to getting to work, warming up your mind by reading the newspaper or tackling that little task that has been nagging at you.

Here are some clear points that you may find helpful within your marathon-like workflow:

1. Create a realistic goal
Now I know what everyone is thinking, we have been taught this since gym class in middle school. However, this is an important concept we often skip over. Just like beginning to train for a marathon, you have to set goals. If you have never ran before, you may need to adjust your goal to be achievable. Within your career, set goals that push you, but are reachable. For example, if you just started a new job, show your drive and join a committee within the organization.

2. Be flexible
Learning to adapt to changing circumstances is a life rule that goes beyond the track. Take on those tasks your CEO needs assistance with, whether you have done the job or not, offer to provide your helping hand and learn from it.

3. Pace yourself
When starting a new job, like beginning to run, your adrenaline is pumping and you want to accomplish everything. This is a positive attitude to have, but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Take action towards your current goals and continue to add new goals as you achieve them.

4. You are never alone
Just like running a marathon, you have coworkers, directors and your organization cheering you on. Attempting a project and accomplishing that first goal can be nerve-racking, so be sure to ask questions and give yourself plenty of room to learn from these experiences.

Now you may not be out of breath and sweating like you would running a real marathon, but these tips and tricks should help guide you in pacing yourself through the busy workflow and constant busy bee mentality.

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