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Does your Facebook business page stand out?


March 1, 2018 – Kristen Giroux, Assistant Account Executive

With 65 million active Facebook business pages, how does one ensure their Facebook business page is consistently reaching its audience? There are many websites and tools you can use to track the progress of your site, but unless you use the following strategies, you won’t see much improvement.

1. Update your Facebook profile picture
Delete that store front picture and showcase your logo in the avatar of your page. This is crucial for consumers to easily identify your page. As consumers, we associate different products by their logos or brands.
2. Quality first
Consistently post quality content that not only engages your followers, but includes a call to action. If sales are down, promote a post that includes information about your services or products. Encourage your followers to visit you in-store or online to purchase. Also, be sure to mix it up, by posting a video here and there or experimenting with Facebook Live.
3. The important stuff
Your business page gives consumers an overview of your business, services and brand. Therefore, the contact info section is vital to lead your consumers to your website or in store. Many Facebook users look for the contact section to either check out your hours, find a location or visit your website.
4. Engage with your audience
Creating a steady social media presence with your audience is vital to your business’s Facebook page. Treat your presence as a 24/7 customer service option by replying to questions and thanking those who review your business. Also, share your partnerships with other businesses and organizations to create a sense of community.

With this all being a lot to digest, Rome was not built in one day. Create a list of different ways your business can improve the company’s page and tackle each one by one.

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