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College grad to business pro


January 30, 2018 – Kristen Giroux, Assistant Account Executive

As a recent college graduate, I realize now how important personal branding is. When you are sitting in a classroom with 20 other students, listening to professors reiterate time after time how important personal branding is, it just doesn’t hit home.

When you enter the business world and look to nail that first job, it is vital to network in person and on social media.

Here are some tips to stand out in the business world:

1. Social media spring cleaning
Before sending in the resumes, cover letters and applications, take the time to look at all of your social media accounts. That means taking down the party pictures and upgrading your profile photo to a more professional picture. If you do not have a professional headshot, Hymer Photography offers quality headshots at a great value. Also, keep your eyes open for events such as PRSA , or industry networking meetings that offer free headshots.

2. Stand out in the crowd
When it comes to sending in those resumes and cover letters, find your why. Why are you the perfect applicant for the job? Reflect back to this on all that you do. To not only reflect your talents, also to show your passion and drive.

3. Friends, not foes
Networking is important. When meeting new people, whether they are in the business world or not, brand yourself and reflect what you have written on your resume. You never know who could be your boss one day, so be sure to treat everyone as if they are important. 

4. Turn the ego into “we go”
Be a team player. Are you one that goes rogue when it comes to group projects or settings? More often than not, when you nail that first job you will be in a team setting on a daily basis. Get used to working with others by joining a committee in a professional organization such as PRSA, Ad2OKC, Young Non-Profit Professionals Network and more.

These tips will help you stand out when it comes to nailing that first job both in person and on paper.

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