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8 Tips to Make Those Resolutions Stick


January 3, 2018 – Nicona Lane, Assistant Account Executive

With 2018 here, now is the time to create a list of New Year’s resolutions! Whether it’s a list of just one or two things, or a list as long as your Christmas list was, it’s time to start fresh.

Have you ever created a list, started strong, then given up by February? Well, we’re here to help them you stick to those goals in 2018 with 8 key tips:

1. Set realistic goals
Realistic goals prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or losing that motivation to continue.

2. Create a timeline with mini goals
A timeline is the best way to give yourself deadlines and hold yourself accountable to meet them.

3. Track
Grab a notebook, a calendar or a journal and track your progress.  This ties into having a timeline and holding yourself accountable.

4. Make Notes
What did you struggle with that day or week? Did today go a little bit better than yesterday? Write it down so you can look back and use it to move forward.

5. Strive for one percent better
You shouldn’t expect to move a mountain after one day. Instead, strive to do one percent better than you did yesterday!

6. Ask for support
Communicate your goals to your friends and family so they can help support and encourage you.

7. Treat yourself
Did you make it through another month of eating healthy? Awesome! Now go treat yourself to something you’ve been craving. Splurge a little, but don’t go overboard!

8. Adjust as needed
Your goals can be flexible. They weren’t written in stone and can be adjusted to help you succeed.

Good luck reaching your goals in 2018!

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